About The Music Weekender


The Music Weekender is currently in a Pilot stage. Please help support us to grow and network. The Production of the shows and events are a complicated and large task to build up. With the help of those around, can this concept come to fruition and benefit all for a good and healthy cause.
Sponsors are encouraged to jump onboard this unique opportunity to provide assistance, whether monetarily or by providing a service to support the on-going of TMW. Please get in contact with Patrick Webb for more information and applying as a sponsor for TMW.

The Concept

The Music Weekender is a live music concert with video production. Also an organisation which looks to bridge the gap for up-and-coming artists to the professional music world. Only those based in the Telemark region of Norway can apply. Those living outside of the region cannot apply unless they have a connection to Telemark or their music originated from here. Another exception would be that there is an artist based in Telemark and they want to introduce/collaborate with musicians external to the region or country.
TMW will strive to establish an event where artists can book themselves a slot into the program where they will be organised in a complimentary/contrasting show, where the music is somewhat harmonious and inviting for the audience attending.
The genre types are open for application. The requirements are: Original Music; Traditional Music; performance blends (where inviting other art-forms into the musical act, e.g.: dance, light, projections, etc.); and please, no cover music, unless there is an interesting twist or heavily manipulated. Each event strives to provide each at with an approximate 45 minute set. If you only have 30 minutes to fill, that is not a problem. That invites the other act to have a longer set. Each show should fill out a 2 hour slot, with a break and setup in between.
The event is organised with a ticketing system, where people will have to order and purchase a place/entry. The event is exclusive. There will be food and drink provided by local producers from the local regions in Telemark. People have the opportunity to enjoy the fresh, healthy, local produce. The event stands without alcohol for a number of reasons, including legal grounds. TMW is a family friendly environment, with all those welcome to enjoy.

TMW is divided into two productions

1. A live event with an audience;
2. A live film production for purposes to document the event and for a regular online upload, (eventually live streaming).


Each performance will be classed as a Showcase. Each showcase video will be uploaded online. The first 3 songs of the performance will only used for the online show for TMW. Please choose wisely what songs you would want to have up on the showcase.
Each showcase artist/band will receive a digital copy of their entire performance played for their use for promo and documentation. Freedom to have a live performance to show is important for newcomers in this digital age. Each event will be of an approximate 45 minute set. There is naturally more for the audience to experience and creates worth and exclusivity to each live show.


Those who attend the show may be filmed as a part of the audience but not individually. The intention is to show the attendance of the concert and not a focus on the individual. There may be open video comments to the show and towards the artists, but only under a controlled environment where those can attend free-willingly. People will not be expected to be in front of a camera and privacy is respected by TMW.
TMW holds the rights to use the video content captured for future promotional advertising. TMW and Heapsgood Productions take no royalties for the artists music beyond the event-show. The selling of the artist's music and intellectual property beyond the written consent and approval by the artists in questions will never happen and intentions to do so defeat the purpose of TMW. The only rights owned by TMW & HGP are those rights of the content video creation and those respective logos and copyrights. We are here to protect and support the artists and their work, as much as we are protecting and producing ours.


Transparency is important to TMW and those who we deal with. We are trying to organise an event for those up and coming artists who need that extra push to get up and out there! Each event will be divided monetarily into fair sections. Exactly 50% of the door ticket sales will go directly to the artists who play.
The other 50% of ticket sales will go towards production and location costs. Each operator is entitled to payment as well as costs involved with maintenance and improvements for TMW.
Each person involved in TMW will have to have an organisations number and can provide an invoice. Cash will not be given in black! A serious note for all operators and contributors to do this correctly is important. Artists will include VAT (MVA) in the total price of the ticket sales percentage, it will not go on top nor will be accepted.

Big Thanks!

Thank you for taking the time to read through this. We hope that it is clear enough that people understand the mission of this project and we hope that this can develop further for the love of culture, art and music!
If you would like to be a part of this experience or have any other inquiries about The Music Weekender, please contact us in the form below.