DZOFilm Pictor Zoom 20-55mm T2.8


DZOFILM 20-55mm T2.8 Pictor Zoom Lens – PL/EF Mount (Black), delivered in a Orange Pelican Case.
DZOFILM Professional Cine Lenses
DZOFILM is devoted to exploring the aesthetic of film and design of optics. Both mechanics and optics are designed to be compact and versatile, allowing users to enjoy the smooth and precise operation and every shooting moment with Pictor Zoom.
Parfocal Design Center image stays sharp during zooming in or out – no matter from close-up to wide shot or rapidly zooming out to long shot, Thanks to Parfocal design, focus keeps still all the way along.
Minimal Breathing thanks to the floating structure, the breathing of Pictor Zoom lenses is negligible during focusing.
Versatile and Ultra compact and just 1.6kg (3.5 lbs).
Please Note: Lens is dual marked with Metric and Imperial.
Focal Length: 20-55mm
Max Aperture: T/2.8
Lens Format: Super 35
Lens Type: Standard Zoom

Lens Mount:

Scale: Imperial


Included in box
  • 1x 20-55mm T2.8 Pictor Zoom – PL Mount
  • 1x EF Bayonet Lens Mount
  • 1x Set of Shims
  • 1x Lens Support
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