A Full Package

Heapsgood Productions is here to help you every step of the way, getting you organised in your business and career. We offer a specialised, complete package with Direction, Production, Post-Producton and Photograhy, where we offer a complete solution for your needs. That means you don’t have to waste time looking for these other services.
We can help plan from small to large projects with it all covered along the way. With a friendly, approachable and professional service, you can begin your project today with confidence!
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Live Video Prouction Solutions

Live video production is the ultimate for some industries to involve themselves with, because it shares the moment for people to see from afar and in the future. By recording a live show, not only do you capture the moment, but you do so with video.

Heapsgood Productions provides solutions for events, concerts and conferences.

Advertising Solutions

Video Advertising is very important in today’s society. The reach is far and the competition great – we’re in an exciting time of flexibility and convenience and We think it is time to take advantage of that. That is why, here at Heapsgood, we provide a friendly customer service and bring results to your table!

TV / Film Production Solutions

With all film and video productions, it is necessary to set up an appointment to map out what expectations are of the production and the end result.

We are here to help and advise you every step of the way.

Music Video Direction

Music Videos are a vital asset to all musicians who take their jobs seriously. When you think of the biggest names in the industry, what do they all have in common?

Answer: Music Videos.

Heapsgood Productions works with up&coming as well as established artists to create the best content possible! We provide an extensive service with direction and planning to production and delivering!

Photography Solutions

Photography is another important factor to consider in a business practice. Heasgood Productions provide a complete and extensive solution to your photographic needs!

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Why video production?


The Norwegian Market

This is the approximate percentage of businesses in Norway not using video content. Heapsgood Productions is looking to bridge the gap for small organisations and individuals to get up there with the big guns and show their stuff! The Online marketplace is global and competitive. It is always best to try and stay on the ball and see what is coming next. That is why video content is now more important than ever.


Mobile Phone & Computer Ownership

To take a stab in the dark, this is how many people in Norway (potentially) own a mobile phone with video viewing & web-browsing capabilities. Most computers that are more than 6 years old are decidedly useless and are practically given away, enabling those even with the least amount of money to spend on technology to have these basic services – such as the internet.


Product & Service's relation to video ...

Every product and service on the market has photography or at least some kind of literature describing it. When you see a product in it's intended environment, with suggestions and usages, you are given a more accurate image of what it is you're looking at. With voice-over and music adding to the dynamic of videos, it puts them into another category of effective reach.

Clients of Heapsgood Productions Norway