Heapsgood is an Australian slang. Everything can be heapsgood: a heapsgood day; heapsgood coffee; a heapsgood way of life! That is the motto of Heapsgood: Positive.

Time seems to melt away when you are working on something special. That is the what we strive to achieve on all projects. Total immersion. Not to say we don't look at the time, but that it is a passion to create!

The act of image creation is pure magic!

Film / TV / Video Production

We tailor for Small to Large scale productions, whether it is for TV or Online content, contact us and we can help guide you though the process. If you are a director or screen/scriptwriter, be sure to check out the jobs section of this website for opportunities.

Live Events

Documenting live events is important for business success. It is vital in today's world that businesses have video content that shows past events, whether it be a Festival, a Talk, or a Music Concert.

Music Video Production

Up & coming, as well as established Musicians need a music video for their new music releases. Heapsgood Productions specialize in music video production, with over 6+ years Australian & European music industry experience.

Post-Production / Video Trim & Clip

We provide a video trim & clip services for those who've already got videos but need to arrange them into a timeline. With larger projects, we set in sfx, colour correction and music to what the project needs.

Video Documentary

Behind the Scenes and Documentary video work is often overlooked in the business, however, Heapsgood Productions emphasizes just how important documentation is to any industry. A great example is documenting musicians in Studio and on Tour, or your special recipe in your established restaurant, or your boxing debut and training! Give us a call today!


We can come to you! Whether you need portraits of yourself, the workplace, or both! We can bring the studio to you and produce high quality photos that you can use for your business and advertising needs. Artists also need top photos for their press and promos!