Heapsgood Productions is looking for models, men or women, willing to sit down for a lens test video, for online educational material. The job is to model in a various number of situations, not anything difficult – possibly tiring, as the content can take some time to complete. The content is for lens testing and showing various angles to subject capture. The camera will be fitted with a lens and a test will be run through various exercises.

  1. Exercise one, Subject, the Model, will sit in a chair or stand facing the camera and will be asked to turn the head from left to right.
  2. Exercise two, will involve the Subject, the Model, to operate a torch and shine that directly at the camera.
  3. Exercise three, will involve the Subject, the Model, to be both in an open and closed environment as the camera is used to capture example footage.

The length of this exercise, of shoot, is not yet determined. Expectations are around 2 – 3 max days of testing, depending on performance.

The number of individual lens tests are of 9 lenses.

The next invitation, yet to be announced, is to have some models work together to create a short film with minimal dialogue, purely exhibiting the tested lenses. This is to display the lenses in practical use and is orientated specifically for educational purposes. More information later on this, as this will be most likely a separate advert. However, if the models from this test are keen to also enroll for this future project, you are very welcome to apply!

Models are required to fill out a model release form.

Payment TBA (most likely approx. 250 NOK for the day)

Here is an example image of what one might expect to see of themselves in the image capturing process. The is more that is involved than just what you see here!

Thank you and please apply by sending an email to: bookings@heapsgood.no with the subject “Lens Test Model”.

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