G’day everyone!

I have been working on some ideas now to get started with my very own humble Patreon channel. You can check out my intro video in this post. The Patreon Channel is getting set up at the moment, as I am working on content first before going all out on the release. I am gathering up interest for the channel and what I could provide to my online folk! So, if you want to be apart of the community, keep your eyes peeled for the release of this channel.

What am I going to be doing, you ask? I am going to share my time and effort to help grow the community of filmmakers and help with some advice for those getting started behind the camera. It isn’t an extreme content rich channel, rather an insight to the world I’m in right now. Of course, I will be evolving and learning myself along the way, too. So that conversation continues with me throughout my career as a DP and to establish that connection with my peers.

I hope that someone can take an insight from this and use it to their advantage!

Much love,

Patrick Webb

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