Voigtländer Ultron 40mm f/2 & Sankor 16c Anamorphic setup.

Firstly, shall I say, that this is probably never been tried out before and I am attempting a combination of lenses that might otherwise not have ever been considered to combine and test. Now, Anamorphic on a budget is always a touch and go subject when it comes to what combinations to use, especially when […]

RED Scarlet M-X Anamorphic Test

In this test I am using the RED Scarlet MX as a possible option for using Anamorphic lenses with. The Scarlet doesn’t allow desqueeze in 4K, thus being forced to use an external monitor for the DSQ or looking at the squeezed image on screen. I noticed that the camera was able to capture details […]

Relax, Relax – Music Video with Anamorphic (Sankor 16c)

These images are screen grabs from the music video from DJ Cosmin and & Wooshman from Germany that I directed and DPed, using the Red Epic X with a Jupiter-9 with the Sankor 16c Anamorphic 2x adapted upon. My first foray into Anamophic and what a beautiful exploration it was! Big thanks to the star […]