In this test I am using the RED Scarlet MX as a possible option for using Anamorphic lenses with. The Scarlet doesn’t allow desqueeze in 4K, thus being forced to use an external monitor for the DSQ or looking at the squeezed image on screen. I noticed that the camera was able to capture details like the Epic X can. Having usable framerates only in 4K and 3K, the lens choices become less tele and more in the “normal” focal length range; between 40mm to 60mm work on the 4K cropped sensor from the Scarlet.

It is an interesting test and having the access to cheaper options is always a bonus for smaller budget projects out there. If I had an external monitor that had a DSQ option for ANA, then would be very comfortable using the Scarlet MX on any project. I would be interested to crop it down to 3K and work with a wider lens as the taking lens for the Anamorphic Projector Lens ~ Sankor 16C, so I could get at least 2x motion / faster framerates on the Scarlet.

The Red Epic-X is fantastic for having everything in one box. The Scarlet-X is somewhat limited, but there are work arounds for this, which opens the possibility door. Again, I see no real big difference in image quality really. The Scarlet produces a fine image, just in crop ~ in contrast to the Epic. They both share the same sensor, after all.

I hope this test helps someone out there looking to choose a combination of tools to make a pretty picture.

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