Netflix Documentary underway …

We’ve been busy cooking up a new Netflix Documentary, release date not yet known. Here is a BTS of our DP filming an intense scene.

Relax, Relax – Music Video with Anamorphic (Sankor 16c)

These images are screen grabs from the music video from DJ Cosmin and & Wooshman from Germany that I directed and DPed, using the Red Epic X with a Jupiter-9 with the Sankor 16c Anamorphic 2x adapted upon. My first foray into Anamophic and what a beautiful exploration it was! Big thanks to the star […]

Viking Cruises Norway Health & Safety (COVID-19)

DP Patrick Webb filmed on the The Viking Star in mid November for the Viking Cruises’s response to the COVID-19 situation. Below you will see some screen grabs of the shots that were selected by White Rain Films, ( a Seattle based film production company, who are the company responsible for organising this production and […]

Old Brick Factory in Lunde, Norway. (KRAFT Project)

This old decommissioned Brick Factory is so big, 40,000 sq/m big. The machines in there are massive. The building itself is enormous. The gas-heating (for the brick production oven) bill was 1.5 million Norwegian Kroner per-month – is what the bloke told us on the little tour around. Just mental stuff. Now it is open […]