This old decommissioned Brick Factory is so big, 40,000 sq/m big. The machines in there are massive. The building itself is enormous. The gas-heating (for the brick production oven) bill was 1.5 million Norwegian Kroner per-month – is what the bloke told us on the little tour around. Just mental stuff. Now it is open for development and creative ideas. What is the deal?

There is the big hole …
Just goes on and on…

KRAFT is a EU/Norwegian organisation that is looking to create projects to entice artists to rural regions, where mainly the youth flee to the bigger cities for opportunities that the small towns “cannot” provide. A wonderful idea, but how effective and attractive is it for the youth in these regions or outer to get inspired and invest in such project and ideas? First, you can come in an rent a space – that’s OK, I guess. However, with such a massive space with many things that could be done, is the effort affordable for some? That’s the biggest brickwall – pun intended. But let us stay positive here! What can be done, will be done.

This looks like something out of a nuclear-fallout or zombie flick … inspired?

As an “Artist,” – I would use that term loosely about myself, – I would love to come in with a crew and just get crazy, but that all costs money and time. I have time, But, having said that, I could also spearhead a project idea that goes hand-in-hand with, not only the commune and KRAFT, but with external artists who could jump in. What is my idea, you ask? Well, I am to have a meeting with some contacts of mine in the Telemark / Oslo region and we want to get some efforts in to make a nice production to help up and advertise the project in question and start the fire to entice those potentials to splash the proverbial cash. I mean, the potential is there – massively!

JUST LOOK AT THOSE WINDOWS! 😀 A portrait of a good friend, Zoé Eskes (from Holland)

Other ideas, like festivals are OK, but you need to spend big money to have the place cleaned up and “safe” to those visiting. The other side of the argument is: if you were to bring people in, where the hell would you house them? Out in the country and nature is great, but there has to be a little more to tickle city-punks into coming all the way out of their city-comfort-zone into the seemingly slow-unknown. Nevertheless, that could be a perfect pitch: a stress free expression.

Furthermore, I would also love to invite Aussie artiy-farts to the region, plus there has to be a good exchange for them to get interested and fly all the way from home to come to such a beautiful place like Norway! The people are just amazing here, on a side note! There is always something to do and everyone, from my recent experience, are super supportive and positive to new ideas and are also happy to invest both effort and time. I, therefore, have much respect in that regard and that I why I would work on a Norsk cultural project with a focus on rural areas such as Lunde.

These are just some of the initial points that need to be highlighted, I feel. When these are addressed, like affordable accommodation, artists exchanges, workshops, festivals, etc. then the ball can roll. The quality of what can be produced here is high and there are fantastic craftspeople and artists and musicians in the region – however, the region is FULL of great artists, people, culture and places already.

So, why come to Lunde and what would one get out of it? A: Why not? The potential is there and there is an offer like this now. This is exciting.

My proposal, as a Filmmaker and Music Video Producer, would be to use the space for that exactly. Turn it into a dirty old defunct brick factory location that can be used for sets. There would need to be a team of people who could go around and make it “safe” and see what can and cannot be done – of course there are rules and regulations to get people upset, but also there to protect. Big cinema or productions are sometimes looking for a good location just for that scene, to make noise and drive in directly a big-ass truck to setup… it’s there.

So, that is exactly what my plan is: to make a cinematic music video. Now, I need help with achieving this goal and this would be the perfect stepping stone for many, i mean, many people in the industry to get interested in the Brick-factory.

Think of the possibilities.

Or, you could stuck a whopping big ass Drum & Bass event in there and have 4 rooms and 5000 people, easy. I dream.

However, to keep the positivity up on this idea, there needs to be a big motivation to come into this project with an open mind and flexible ideas. Nothing gets handed out on a platter made of silver nor should it be impossible! There needs to be creative freedom as well as the whip to keep the balloon from floating into space.

I want to begin the conversation with my creative networks across the world to see what people might come up with, with suggestions on how to do it and do it well, without wasting money that could be invested.

Put your helmet on!

I do look forward to what people have to say and I really encourage peple to get involved with the conversation and get some ideas rolling. It isn’t everyday that these opportunities arise… switch your brain on. 🙂

DP. Patrick Webb, Heapgood Productions, Bø in Telemark, Norway.

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