Filming Moyka in Trondheim

Moyka @ Studentsamfunnet in Trondheim © 2022 ~ The featured image is a subtle favourite of mine. Extracted from an R3D film file from the RED EPIC-X MX 5K.

Viking Cruises Norway Health & Safety (COVID-19)

DP Patrick Webb filmed on the The Viking Star in mid November for the Viking Cruises’s response to the COVID-19 situation. Below you will see some screen grabs of the shots that were selected by White Rain Films, ( a Seattle based film production company, who are the company responsible for organising this production and […]

Thunder Mother @ Medley Studios, Copenhagen.

Patrick was in Copenhagen to shoot the short documentary of the 4th Album of Thunder Mother’s, produced by Søren Andersen. The Documentary shall be televised online and on German TV around the release of the new album in 2020.

Mari’s new music video – I Fall to Pieces – Behind the Scenes.

Marius-Antonin Fleck flew up to Norway from Germany via Finland to come work with me on his new cover release “I Fall to Pieces” at the end of January 2020. A friend and good client of mine, Marius challenged me to pull together some magic using the beautiful landscape of Telemark, Norway. Marius is expected […]

Elly & Coleminkai @ Studio Zoé Eskes in Bø (Telemark).

THE MUSIC WEEKENDER & STUDIO ZOÉ ESKES have a very, very special event happening on the 8th of March 2020! A Norwegian Original Music focused event, with Telemarkians playing their music right in the cultural hub of Studio Zoé Eskes, Bø, Telemark. A wonderful mixture of traditional soul, poetry, experimental and singer songwriter music, Elly […]

Old Brick Factory in Lunde, Norway. (KRAFT Project)

This old decommissioned Brick Factory is so big, 40,000 sq/m big. The machines in there are massive. The building itself is enormous. The gas-heating (for the brick production oven) bill was 1.5 million Norwegian Kroner per-month – is what the bloke told us on the little tour around. Just mental stuff. Now it is open […]