Filming Moyka in Trondheim

Moyka @ Studentsamfunnet in Trondheim © 2022 ~ The featured image is a subtle favourite of mine. Extracted from an R3D film file from the RED EPIC-X MX 5K.

A Snowy Landscape of Mid-Telemark.

Here you can download a copy of my impressions of my back yard, here in Midt-Telemark. The artistic observations are in such harmony with the feelings lived in the moments of capture. This was a special moment for me to be in touch with nature and my creativity – in all its simplicity and stress-free-ness. […]

Scene in the Snow …

Right in the picturesque nature of Norway (Midt-Telemark), Ranita and I prepared and shot a scene for M-A. Fleck’s (DE) new up and coming music video. The scene is basically a miniature Native American encampment, which Ranita and I had pulled together some materials from the home and created it in a x:1 ratio with […]