Right in the picturesque nature of Norway (Midt-Telemark), Ranita and I prepared and shot a scene for M-A. Fleck’s (DE) new up and coming music video. The scene is basically a miniature Native American encampment, which Ranita and I had pulled together some materials from the home and created it in a x:1 ratio with a real background of the forest. I had envisioned initially to build up a life-sized tent, however, it wasn’t so easy to get a hold of such materials on a non-existant budget. So, an improvised compromisation was made and the miniature world was created. With the brilliant skills of Ranita, it had come to life and all I had to do was position the camera and film the very short scene. Ranita had created a mini-fireplace which looked great and even though small, it was realistic.

I had to wrap up the camera in a plastic bag, due to a fair amount of snowfall. Everything worked out fine and the camera was protected. I brought along 2 planks of wood, as they work super well to create a level platform for a mini-tripod, as you can see in the pictures – made up of a video-monopod base/foot and a large video fluid-head. That was a little skakey, but it worked out fine for this scene. I wouldn’t recommend it in any other circumstances. I would go a hi-hat or a set of short legs.

Technicals: Shot on a Scarlet M-X with Zeiss 21mm f/2.8, R3D compression 5:1 @ 24fps. Magic.

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