Scene in the Snow …

Right in the picturesque nature of Norway (Midt-Telemark), Ranita and I prepared and shot a scene for M-A. Fleck’s (DE) new up and coming music video. The scene is basically a miniature Native American encampment, which Ranita and I had pulled together some materials from the home and created it in a x:1 ratio with […]

BTS: New Music Video for Marius-Antonin Fleck (DE)

This scene is using only available light from the window and a single candle. There was great contrast in this room to begin with to help create drama for the 2 sequences that were filmed for Marius-Antonin Fleck, a German musician, good friend of mine’s new lyric-music video. In the scene was the lovely Ranita […]

Mari’s new music video – I Fall to Pieces – Behind the Scenes.

Marius-Antonin Fleck flew up to Norway from Germany via Finland to come work with me on his new cover release “I Fall to Pieces” at the end of January 2020. A friend and good client of mine, Marius challenged me to pull together some magic using the beautiful landscape of Telemark, Norway. Marius is expected […]