I am super stoked to finally receive the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K! This has been a little time waiting, as stocks in Norway have been low, possibly due to COVID-19 and or the general popularity of this little workhorse. With the 1m or so videos online discussing the pro’s and con’s of this camera, I am super stoked to get to start working on the next project with the BMPCC4K!

The little but mighty BMPCC4K …

I have been using Blackmagic Design cameras for years now and I just love the image that one is able to capture. I had the URSA Mini for quite some time and I really enjoyed using that camera, however, I felt that it was becoming a little dated and I wasn’t using it so much in a controlled studio environment with good strong lights. The URSA Mini 4K when lit well, was a bad-ass camera and I had yeilded some amazing images from it. However, It was time to go and now I have re-invested in the P4K! This little camera really has the same specs, if not better than the URSA Mini, delivering a staggering 4K @ 60p and a HD 120, if needed. The one thing that I am really interested in seeing is the newer sensor and colour science. I really enjoy the image quality from the original Cinema Camera 2.5K (which I still own and use 2!) and have read and seen many great reviews and discussions from users on the Internet.

The Camera needs a cage.

To apply this camera to my practice in the “real world,” I have purchased a speedbooster, so i can use all my existing EF glass, and the external T5 SSD drive, a cage to keep it all sturdy and give me flexibility for mounting extras – and the cage helps offset the plate for the Ronin-S so I can fit the camera to it *So practical!*. Battery life is disgusting when I have the SSD and Speedbooster attached … I am getting less than 15min with a full charge, but that is stated on the website of Blackmagic’s anyway (4K24p without SSD or other attachments gets you a 30 min runtime approx.) So that doesn’t apply to me at all. Therefore, I am to drop another healthy sum of cash on a V-mount system so I can power my monitor and camera.

the current rig with the Speedbooster.

The next project that I will be working on with this camera will be Økologisk Norge and I am looking very much forward to that project with this camera.

Ready to shoot with the ZE Carl Zeiss 50mm T* Planar 1.4.

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