URSA Mini 4K on sticks in the cabin from above.

I had set up a “one man” production at the Villa Lunde Pop Opera concert on the 9.11.2019. The production technical-spec consisted of a URSA Mini 4K on sticks with a 35mm 1.4 L from Canon; a C100 with a Sigma Art 18-35mm 1.8 on a mono-pod to roam the room. The Audio set up was simple: a Zoom H4n with a “concert” compressor/limiter selected to take up the concert audio – as it wasn’t possible to take it from the mixing desk. I had also set up 3 Litepanel Fresnels to give a CTB backlight and CTO frontlight at approx. 45-degrees to the singers. I had also hired a Godox LED lamp with a Softbox to light up the Choir’s side and to give splash on the background.

Quick Rehearsal

I had set all of this up in a space of 3 hours before the concert. I was pretty amazed at the quality of light, although there wasn’t as much as I had liked, but it did the job well and I’m happy with the results.

Preparing for the evenings events
Peaceful. Calm before the PopOp.

I shot the BTS photos all with a Canon 5Dii with a Zeiss 50mm 1.4 T* Planar.

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